Monday, February 21, 2011

Why?, Turbo

oil on wood
  18 x 27
 For Surrealism, Stylization & Expression.  This is totally different then anything Ive created before.
It is done in a split complementary color scheme on a piece of found wood.  I believe the wood was once apart of a crate.  I really loved working on the wood.  The texture of the surface caused me to use more paint and to be more loose in my strokes.  I will surely use wood again.  I primed the surface with clear gesso before I painted on it. 
I imagine the figure is sitting, petting his dog, contemplating the meaning of life.  "Why?"

mixed media on cardboard
 16 x 20
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing. I asked my husband for something interesting to draw and this is what he handed me :) Charcoal, sanguine, and ink on cardboard.  This piece of cardboard is super wavy so it created an interesting challenge.



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