Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drawings- Hair, KA-POW!, Pizazz, Figure Workshop

mixed media on paper 
 18 x 24
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing.  Exploring different pencil-like media.  Trying to get us to get used to using different media within a piece. Super happy with this.  I love the face. I really really want to come in a do a cool background in watercolor.  Maybe another time. 

mixed media on paper
 18 x 24
Another one for Mixed Media.  Like the above piece, playing with the different conte, charcoal, pastels, to get a feel for how they work together.  
mixed media on paper
 18 x 24 
For Mixed Media.  Same as the two above, more exploring. 
 Today I also went to a Figure Drawing Workshop I found in my area and hand a chance to apply my new mixed media techniques to the drawing I did from the model.  Below are some of my better attempts. 

P.s. My second time ever working from a professional model.  Next week we are doing a long pose (3 hours) I think I may bring my paints and see what happens :)

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