Friday, December 11, 2009


I feel like this is best read out loud because it kind of has a poetic quality to it so if you get a chance please read this out loud.  Thank you. 
Life is Work
     Life is work. We begin life with guesswork. Is this how I talk? Is this how I walk? Then, like clockwork, comes schoolwork, which turns into homework that is just busywork. They tell us they are creating the framework for our lives.
     In secondary school we find part time work to fund the nonwork things we like to do. After school, when we are all grown up, there is housework and with housework comes yardwork.
     As an artist my work is to create artwork with beautiful brushwork. When I finish a piece I stand back, admire my handiwork, and hope there is nothing I have to rework. To sell my work I need to network in order to outwork the competition.
     By the time our masterwork is completed we are overworked.
     So what is a person’s lifework? Work.

Monday, November 23, 2009

In Transition

Title: Rose
Medium: Colored Pencil on Recycled Paper 
Size: 8x11
Inspiration: Walking into my In Law's house they had this beautiful rose bush.  I took tons of pictures of the roses and decided to draw this one.  It is done in colored pencil because all of my painting supplies are in boxes.  

The lack of art would be due to the fact that I am in transition.  I moved internationally about a month and a half ago and so almost all of may art supplies are pack up and on there way.  We haven't found a house yet so that would be another part of being in transition.  I am ready to be settled.  Hopefully it will happen soon. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wordle and Remember Poems

In my Creative Writing class were were giving the prompt " I remember" and here are the poems I wrote. 

I remember when I figured out
no matter what age you are
17, 22, 29, 44, 71
you havent figured it out 

I remember
going to my Grandma and Grandpa's
playing with my sisters and cousins 
we would tie a jump rope
to an old skateboard
one person would be on the skateboard
the rider
oner person would pull the skateboard
the horse
We played this game for hours

I remember
swimming in the pool
and Grandpa playing 
hits from the 20's and 30's 
through the speaker that
was mounted over the sliding glass door

I remember 
endless birthdays
when Grandma would make 
angel food cake and homemade chocolate iceing
the birthday boy or girl always got to lick the bowl

I remember
getting together almost every weekend
and having a big family breakfast
Grandma would make the most amazing waffles
She would make a few extra crispy ones just for Grandpa and me
We would buy strawberries from a corner vendor
and have those and whipped cream on top of our waffles

I remember
on special occasions
Grandpa would pile 4-5 of us kids
into the 1929 Model A
and drive us to Baskin Robins
for icecream
It always took 3 or 4 trips
because there were some many kids

I remember
 many hoildays
everyone packed around the table
eating rolls, turkey, ham, beats, stuffing, and jello with fruit and marshmellows
kids ate first, then adults
I didnt know where I fit in
so I ate with both

I remember
a time before they had the big screen TV and the nice computer
when there was always a puzzle on the table
and board games to be played

I remember 
when I thought things
would never change 

I put #2 into as you can see in the image at the top.
I have been doing some painting and drawing lately but just havent taken pictures or scanned anything.    

Friday, September 11, 2009

Throw the rules away

Title: F* the Rules
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 
Inspiration: I decided I was tired of following the art rules and I just wanted to relax and let go.  I began by losely putting paint on to the canvas and then I started throw paint at it for fun.   Not my best most inspired piece but it felt good to relax and not care what it ended up looking like.  This will probably be covered over and turned into something else. 

I had lots of leftover paint and so decided to painting another canvas. 

Title: Jessica
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 
Inspiration: I saw a painting in a magazine with this sort of idea.  I had my little sister in mind as I was doing it because tomorrow is her birthday.  The numbers of lines all have something to do with her. The top 9 are her birth month, the right 12 are her birth day, the bottom 19 are her age, the left 7 are her first name, the 4 horizontal are her middle name, 7 more for her last name, 7 for my name, and then 3 for how many years part we are.  I like this one much better then the other one.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sketchbook Poetry

*click to view larger
Last night I was lying in bed trying but failing to fall asleep when the most amazing thing happened.  
The first few lines to a poem popped into my head.  
Mind you, this hasnt happened in years and I mean years so I had to jump out of bed, find my sketchbook and a pen, and write it down.  
Once I was writing it all just kept flowing out.  
Here are the poems in the order I wrote them.
They are still rough and probably have a lot to be worked out. 
Before 23
Were you at all like me 
Before you turned 23?
Did your help you Mom through cancer
making you become stronger then you thought you would ever be?

Did you move across the country
When you were just 18
And begin a new life
In a place like you had never seen?

Did you find true love
and end up getting married
to the one you knew you would be with
until you were buried?

Did you move to an island
In the middle of the ocean blue 
Where everything you experienced
Was absolutely brand new?

Did you fly on a KC-10, KC-135, C-5
and get to watch in flight refueling
or get to sit in the cockpit
for a landing?

Did you travel to Germany,
Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy, and Spain
and even to England
with only 4 days notice to get on a plane?

Did you think you knew all of life's answers?
Like who and what you wanted to be.
Were you at all like me
before you turned 23?
Inspiration:  I know this poem sounds a bit like bragging but it is more meant to be a reminder to me about all I have accomplished.  I just turned 22 and I was not to excited about 22 at all.  I was telling my husband this and he reminded me to think about what I have done before I turned 22.  That made getting older not feel so bad.
builds up
boils over
until it can
be contained
no more
spills out
releases itself
from the confines
we create
to tame it
when it 
is let out
Inspiration:  I wanted to describe how it felt when creativity hits. 
A Visit
A quiet night
all alone, every-being is asleep
the rain falls down
the wind pushed through the trees
I lay down to rest
close my eyes
my head is filled with
then it strikes
the perfect few lines
I must find paper and
pen quick
to make sure
these great ideas stick
Creativity has struck again
welcome back dear old friend
Inspiration: I wrote this to describe exactly what happened to get me out of bed at 1AM. 
Even after I had these all out of me I still couldnt sleep. 
I feels really cool to have some inspiration and creativity back.  
I strove all summer to feel creative and it randomly hits at 1AM.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer is Over :(

So summer is officially over I am back to school.  
I have changed this blogs name from a Painting A Day to Drawings, Paintings, Thoughts- A Creative Dump. 
This will now be a place for me to share my art without any constraints. 
I am taking a creative writing course and 2 art history courses this semester so you will probably be reading some of my writings too.
Now for your viewing pleasure some sketches I have done in the past few days.
Title: Doorknob
Medium: Pen on Paper
Inspiration: Sitting on the couch, sketchbook in my lap, I wanted to draw something.  This was the prettiest thing in my line of sight. Partially done in the dark as the sun was setting while I was drawing and I didnt want to move to turn the light on. 
Title: Resting Backie Dog
Medium: Pen on Paper
Inspiration: Again sitting on the couch, my dog was laying there sleeping looking so cute I had to grab my sketchbook and draw her.  This is how far I got before she moved.  I tried to draw my Pomeranian but she has some 6th sense that whenever I look at her she knows and so doesnt sit still. 

Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 107- Shawna's Aunt Commission WIP

Title: Shawna's Aunt Commission Work in Progress 
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Over a year ago my friend Shawna asked me to do a portrait of her Aunt who has breast cancer.  I have been really afraid to work on/ finish this painting.  I am really intimidated.  I think the more I work on it and the more it comes along the more I will like it.  I like the way the uncle is looking , Auntie needs a bit more work but she is coming along. 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 106- Shawna's Aunt Commission

Title: Shawna's Aunt Commission Work in Progress 
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Over a year ago my friend Shawna asked me to do a portrait of her Aunt who has breast cancer.  I have been really afraid to work on/ finish this painting.  I am really intimidated.  I think the more I work on it and the more it comes along the more I will like it.  Originally I was going to do this in acrylic but when I started it I didnt like the way the colors were working so I decided that I would finish it in oils. Below is the step before this one where you can see more of the acrylic underpainting.   

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 87- Drips

Day 87
Title: Drips
Medium: Watercolor on Yupo
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: I wanted to see what it would look like if I dripped paint down onto a piece of Yupo. I was hoping it would splatter but instead in just pooled into dots. I made those dots into flowers and connected them with a branch. Then as it was drying my dog dragged her face through it so I decided to make it drip. It was a very organic process and I really like the result.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 74- Blue

Day 74
Title: Blue
Medium: Watercolor on Cardstock
Size: 8.5x11
Inspiration: Watching TV felt like doodling so I grabbed a piece of card stock and started doing a blue wash. Card stock is a bit different then watercolor paper in that once you put the color down it cannot be easily moved. I started doing the tree with a big brush and then moved to a smaller line brush for the branches, the birds, and the swing. I imaging this to be somewhere near a beach so while swinging you can hear the crashing of the waves and watch the sun set over the horizon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 72- Vixen

Day 72
Title: Vixen
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Browsing images on I found this image from twittey and thought it would be fun to paint.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 69- Serenity

Day 69
Title: Serenity
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Sketching in my sketchbook I drew this and decided it would look nice painted. This was quite relaxing to paint.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Days 34-67

Day 67
Title: Peacock- Pavao (Work in Progress)
Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: Peacock on a farm that Ali and I went horseback riding at. There was another step between this one and the last one that I forgot to take a picture of.

Days 34-66
I was in a bit of a funk. Ali was out here so I was having too much fun with her to paint. Then she left and I was a bit sad so I didnt feel like doing anything. Then it was 4th of July and I was quite busy and then a really good friend of mine moved away so I feel into my funk again. I have had no motivation or inspiration to paint. It felt like my creative juices dried up. I just got back to this painting 2 days ago. I didnt post because I didnt feel like it at the time. I was/ am a bit ashamed at my lack of painting. Hopefully things will get better as I recover from my funk and complete this painting. I have 13 days to complete 2 comissions.
This should be intresting. :/

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Days 32& 33- No painting and Beginging Peacock

Day 33
Title: Peacock- Pavao (Work in Progress)
Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: Peacock on a farm that Ali and I went horseback riding at.

Day 32
Went Horseback riding with Ali and I was too exhausted afterwards to do anything.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Days 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Day 31
Title: Touro
Medium: Watercolor on Yupo
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Bullfight season here on the island. We watched a bullfight on the beach and in the bar we were sitting at there was a painting done in warm colors with a cool looking outline of a bull over it. This is my attempt at that.

Days 28-30
Nothing. My friend Ali is visiting so I am spending lots of time with her.

Day 27
Title: Red Orange Flowers

Medium: Watercolor on Yupo
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Ali bought a really pretty vase and I wanted to do a still life of some flowers in the vase. I found these flowers in my side yard. I have no idea what they are but they are quite pretty.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 26 &27

Day 26
No Painting.

Day 27
I did a painting today but 1) it is not dry (stinking Yupo paper) and 2) I would like to take a picture but I am afraid my computer will die again if I try to plug in my camera so I will upload the painting tomorrow when it is dry and I can scan it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 25- Iris and Forget Me Nots

Title: Iris and Forget Me Nots
Medium: Watercolor on Yupo
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: This photo taken by kir-tat on Sill playing with my new Yupo paper and watercolors.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 24- Pheonix

Title: Phoenix
Medium: Watercolor on Yupo
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: I just bought some Yupo paper and some masking fluid and I wanted to try them out. Yupo is a synthetic paper that does not bend or curl when you paint on it. It also does not absorb water so you can get some really interesting effects with it. It takes quite a long while to dry. I got impatient and ended up drying it with a hair dryer. The inspiration for the phoenix was from j4d3's tattoo found on

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 23- Purple Hydrangea

Title: Purple Hydrangea
Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: Done! So glad I am finished. The hydrangea is not an easy flower to paint. I am really excited to give to to my friend now. Too bad it has to dry first.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Days 20, 21, &22

Day 22
Title: Purple Hydrangea WIP

Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: I finally got over my fear and got to working on this painting. The bottom 1/2 is about done while the top 1/2 still needs work. I will finish this tomorrow.

Day 21
Woke up late. Didnt feel like painting. BBQed at a friends house and didnt get to bed until 2:30 AM

Day 20
Subbed for 1st grade. Came home, relaxed and then went to a bachlorette party. I didnt get home until after 1 AM.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 19

Long day subbing today.
Beautiful day today so I went and read a book on my deck.
Then husband came home, made dinner, made cookie dough, made and cooked banana muffins, relaxed for a bit, cooked cookie dough, got ready for subbing 1st grade tomorrow, now to bed.
Did I paint today? No.
I am subbing tomorrow so I wont have much time tomorrow to paint.
I think I will lock myself in my studio on Saturday so I can finish this painting.
It needs to be done this weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 18- Nothing

I really need to get back on track with this painting everyday thing.
I am not even 20 days in and I am sluffing off.
My goal is to have the Purple Hydrangea painting finished by Friday.
Tomorrow I am subbing so my time will be limited to the afternoon
but I still will be able to do a good 5 hours of work if I commit myself.
And then Friday I have anywhere between 3& 5 hours of work
depending on what time I wake up.
I can have it done.
I like the way it looks now so I am hesitant to work more on it.
I just have to remind myself how much better it will look with all of the nice details added.
Please send some creative inspirational vibes my way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 17- Purple Hydrangea WIP

Title: Purple Hydrangea WIP
Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: The beautiful hydrangeas the cover this island that are starting to bloom. This will end up being an oil painting that will be a gift for a friend. I have covered the canvas now with color and now to refine the shapes, colors, and details. I am really enjoying watching this painting develop.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Days 14, 15, &16- More Excuses & Actual Painting!

Day 16
Title: Purple Hydrangea WIP

Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: The beautiful hydrangeas the cover this island that are starting to bloom. This will end up being an oil painting that will be a gift for a friend. I am into the beginning lay in stage where the goal is just to cover the whole canvas in color. I probably could have began this differently by simplifying the colors more. I am a bit overwhelmed by how many colors there are but you live and you learn and I will keep that in mind for tomorrow.

Day 15
No good excuse. I was tired, lazy, uninspired. Day of rest?

Day 14
My husband invited me to his volleyball game/ tournament at 10am. Little did we know it was going to last until 8pm. So I spent all day at the gym. If I had known I was going to be there all day I would have brought a paint brush and some paint with me. So there was no painting on Saturday.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 13- Excuses, Excuses

Unlucky 13- tired- lazy- scared- All wonderful excuses for why I didnt do a painting today. I really wanted to begin on the Purple Hydrangea piece but for some reason I couldnt bring myself to do it. I guess I am still coming up with a plan of attack on how I want to begin and complete the piece. I need to have this done before June 13th. I better come up with my plan of attack soon and put it into action so I can have the painting done, dried, and framed by then. Progress will be made tomorrow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 12- Purple Hydrangea WIP

Title: Purple Hydrangea WIP
Medium: White charcoal on Acrylic primed canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: The beautiful hydrangeas the cover this island that are starting to bloom. This will end up being an oil painting that will be a gift for a friend. Right now I am in the initial sketch in stage.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 11- Hydrangea complete

Title: Hydrangea (Complete) Day 4
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Finished. It is a bit busy. I think when I do this in oil I will just do the main flower and not the ones in the background.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 10- Hydrangea WIP Day 3

Title: Hydrangea (Work in Progress) Day 3
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: More progress. I feel like I am in the ugly stage and now it is time to bring it out of this stage.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 9- Hydrangea WIP Day2

Title: Hydrangea (Work in Progress) Day 2
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: More progress on yesterdays painting. I am really enjoying how this is coming along. The petals of the flower were/ are quite tedious.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 7& 8- Hydrangea Work In Progress

Day 8
Title: Hydrangea (Work in Progress)

Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: I drove around the island in search of blooming hydrangeas to paint for a large scale painting. This is a study for that painting.
Day 7
I did not do a painting on Saturday as I was busy cleaning the house, going to the gym, going out to dinner with girlfriends, and then staying up until 2 am working on a 1,000 piece puzzle so I didnt have much time to do a painting.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 6- 34

Title: 34
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: I was browsing through my pictures looking for a bright sunset picture to do and I stumbled across this one. I though it would be kinda fun to do. I sill want to do a bright colored sunset.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 5- Self Portrait

Title: Self Portrait
Medium: Watercolor on smooth Bristol paper
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: A photo I took of myself they day I got my new bangs. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 4- Monster Mash

Title: Monster Mash
Medium: Watercolor, pen
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: The school district that I sub for publishes a collection of student work entitled Showcase and I was reading this during my lunch break and ran across a blow painting. I thought it would be fun to try. Above is the finished work and below is what it looked like before I added the monster faces.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 3- Harrods Gelato Sundae Angular

Title: Harrods Gelato Sundae Angular
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Deconstructing the sundae I painted yesterday. I think I will an even more dramatic deconstruction tomorrow. I will probably take better pictures of all of these when they are dry and in the daylight.

I feel like for the first time in quite awhile I am beginning to feel really inspired. Ideas are catching me. School tends to suck the creativity out of me and I feel like I am starting to find it again. I am really glad I decided to begin doing a painting a day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 2- Harrods Gelato Sundae

Title: Harrods Gelato Sundae
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: A sundae my best friend Kelly and I shared at Harrods in London. She is also doing a painting of this ice cream. I think I will end up doing it again in oil. It took me about 1 hour from beginning drawing to finished painting.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 1- Lotus and Koi

Title: Lotus and Koi
Medium: Watercolor, Salt
Size: 9x12
Inspiration: Miami Ink. A woman came in to get a tattoo of a lotus flower and told how the lotus blooms from the mud at the bottom of ponds. I began with putting color onto the paper and then sprinkling it with salt. This did not end up the way I was originally planning. I let the blended colors inspire me and I came up with this.


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