Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreads & Scream WIP

oil on canvas 
 16 x 20  
For Surrealism, Stylization & Expression.  I soo enjoyed doing this.  After having class after class stressing perfect proportion and such it felt good to just enjoy putting the paint on the canvas.  It was very cathartic for me.  
In hindsight I probably should have cropped her mid skirt or made the figure smaller.  I love the red boots she is wearing.  Model from school.

Here are some blind contour skecthes I did to prep for this painting:

Scream WIP
 ~12 inches tall
 My first project for Sculpture 1.  The initial block in- full scale. Not as far along as I would have liked because, of course, I ran out of clay.  I checked every Micheal's in the area and none of them have the clay I need.  And no local art stores carry the clay I need.  At least all of the newspaper is covered. I just was not able to really begin putting in the features.

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