Friday, February 25, 2011

Beautiful Dragon Like Honeybee, Scream

Beautiful Dragon Like Honeybee
 ~ 3 inches
 For Sculpture 1.  Began in wax to be later cast in bronze.  This was super fun to do as the wax was much more forgiving then clay.  He has the body of a bee and the wings of a dragon.  
When I was a child my mother and I were in a drug store waiting for a prescription to be filled.  For whatever reason we were looking at a baby name meaning book.  I asked her what my name meant and she told me "beautiful dragon like honeybee."  Now that I am older I have researched my name and learned that it means "honey."  I dont know if what my mom told me is actually what the book said or if it is something she made up to appease her bored child.  She doesnt remember so I guess I will never really know.    
There is a second part to this project where we are going to make a larger piece.  I think for that I am going to make a flower for him to rest on.   
Scream WIP
 ~12 inches tall
 My first project for Sculpture 1.  He is done. I work on the expression to make him look more terrified and you cant see it but I rounded out his back a bit more to give it more of a natural curve.  The last step of this was to give him a lobotomy and take his insides out.  It was tedious but slightly gratifying.
Previous step.  Photos of the hollowing out are below.    
To finish this I wait for it to let it dry and then paint it :)

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