Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chrysanthemum, Flapper, Red, Bubble Gum

mixed media on watercolor paper 
 22 x 15
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing. Adding water media to our drawings.  It looks a bit different from the reference but I think I got the overall feel of the piece.  Reference.

mixed media on paper
 18 x 24
Another one for Mixed Media.  My first attempt at playing with the water media.  I love the red against the green and the flappers hair.  This one was very fun to do. Reference.
mixed media on paper
 18 x 24
For Mixed Media. More playing with the media.  I love all of the red! Reference.

Bubble Gum 
mixed media on paper
 18 x 24
Another one for Mixed Media. This one was a struggle.  I so badly just wanted to paint the bubble that I rushed this and didnt check my proportions in the beginning.  So by the time I was getting toward the end and noticed the mess up it was already to late and I was done. Reference.
I am kinda bummed I missed the Figure Drawing Workshop tonight but I think I did something a bit more fun.  To celebrate Valentine's Day and 7 years of being together my husband and I went to Fabio from Top Chef's restaurant.  The food was super yummy and not outrageously expensive.  We will for sure be going back.    

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