Friday, December 11, 2009


I feel like this is best read out loud because it kind of has a poetic quality to it so if you get a chance please read this out loud.  Thank you. 
Life is Work
     Life is work. We begin life with guesswork. Is this how I talk? Is this how I walk? Then, like clockwork, comes schoolwork, which turns into homework that is just busywork. They tell us they are creating the framework for our lives.
     In secondary school we find part time work to fund the nonwork things we like to do. After school, when we are all grown up, there is housework and with housework comes yardwork.
     As an artist my work is to create artwork with beautiful brushwork. When I finish a piece I stand back, admire my handiwork, and hope there is nothing I have to rework. To sell my work I need to network in order to outwork the competition.
     By the time our masterwork is completed we are overworked.
     So what is a person’s lifework? Work.


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