Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wordle and Remember Poems

In my Creative Writing class were were giving the prompt " I remember" and here are the poems I wrote. 

I remember when I figured out
no matter what age you are
17, 22, 29, 44, 71
you havent figured it out 

I remember
going to my Grandma and Grandpa's
playing with my sisters and cousins 
we would tie a jump rope
to an old skateboard
one person would be on the skateboard
the rider
oner person would pull the skateboard
the horse
We played this game for hours

I remember
swimming in the pool
and Grandpa playing 
hits from the 20's and 30's 
through the speaker that
was mounted over the sliding glass door

I remember 
endless birthdays
when Grandma would make 
angel food cake and homemade chocolate iceing
the birthday boy or girl always got to lick the bowl

I remember
getting together almost every weekend
and having a big family breakfast
Grandma would make the most amazing waffles
She would make a few extra crispy ones just for Grandpa and me
We would buy strawberries from a corner vendor
and have those and whipped cream on top of our waffles

I remember
on special occasions
Grandpa would pile 4-5 of us kids
into the 1929 Model A
and drive us to Baskin Robins
for icecream
It always took 3 or 4 trips
because there were some many kids

I remember
 many hoildays
everyone packed around the table
eating rolls, turkey, ham, beats, stuffing, and jello with fruit and marshmellows
kids ate first, then adults
I didnt know where I fit in
so I ate with both

I remember
a time before they had the big screen TV and the nice computer
when there was always a puzzle on the table
and board games to be played

I remember 
when I thought things
would never change 

I put #2 into as you can see in the image at the top.
I have been doing some painting and drawing lately but just havent taken pictures or scanned anything.    


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