Monday, July 4, 2011

WIP- Jessica and Baby Evelyn, Rancho Sierra Vista Casa

Jessica and Baby Evelyn WIP
watercolor on paper
  16 x 20
As a Mother's Day present I was commissioned to do a portrait of our friends wife and baby daughter.  Previous step.  
Ahh!! So I was done with this right? And then I went and mucked it up.  I worked out the hands, darkened the hair, got the values all right then I laid it down on the table paint side down and covered the back with water and put it under some books to flatten it out.  I turn it over and there is something right on the shoulder.  I try and clean it with water and it doesnt come off.  I try and blend it and it looks ok.  Then I get the bright idea to try and sand it off with some sandpaper and it all when down hill from there.  I was working it and working it and then I just had to stop and walk away. 
Besides my little boo-boo I think this painting looks awesome.  I hope I am able to fix it.  I have a couple of things I want to try in the morning and if those dont work I am going to buy Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground and fix it that way.  From what I have read it is pretty much liquid watercolor paper.

Rancho Sierra Vista Casa WIP
watercolor on paper
  20 x 24
For Landscape Painting.  My midterm project based off of this study. I began with a wash of cadmium yellow and then a warm green and a cool green.  Just building the layers.  Looking good so far.

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