Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plein Air- Eucalyptus Path

Eucalyptus Path
watercolor on paper
  9 x 12
 Done en plein air for Landscape Painting. There is this really beautiful path by my house where I like to walk my dogs and every time I walk up it I think "Ive got to paint this."  So today I did.  I had a hard time beginning this piece.  I wasnt getting the composition correct and I was getting caught up in the little details instead of just going for it.  Once I put brush to paper all was well.  This is quite a busy path so I had a quite a few people stop to chat with me. 
I think it is pretty successful.  I like the way the light falls across the path, the colors, and the way the trees look.  I am not totally happy with the direction of the path.  In real life it slopes down and I was unable to capture that slope in my painting. 

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