Friday, July 15, 2011

Catalina Vacation Plein Air Painting- Catalina Hills, Catalina Palms

Catalina Hills 
 watercolor on paper
 9 x 12
 For Landscape Painting. 2 paintings from the same location. 
For me vacation and painting do not mix.  My husband and I took a trip to Catalina to celebrate 5 years of marriage and doing these were very difficult.  You would think beautiful island, lots of inspiration, but it just wasnt working. 
Of the two I think this one is stronger, but I also think I have done better.
The weather here is a bit nutty.  It will be beautiful all day then out of no where the clouds will roll in and it will get cloudy and overcast. I technically did three paintings but the first one was really not working so 1/2 way through I scrapped it.
I really wish I could have captured the beauty of Catalina/ Avalon better but it doesnt seem that that was in the cards.
This remind me of some prehistoric landscape. 
Catalina Palms
watercolor on paper
  12 x 9
For Landscape Painting.  2 paintings from the same location.  This was done when it was cloudy and overcast.  I tried to capture that in the clouds.  Originally when I was inspired to do this painting the sky was a beautiful bright blue but by the time I grabed my gear and got back to the location the weather had changed.  These arnt totally horrible but like the other one I could have done better.

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