Friday, July 1, 2011

200: Plein Air- High Water at Castaic Lake

This is my 200th post.  Wow I cant believe it!  I began this blog 17 May 2009.  I cant believe that I have been updating this blog regularly for over 2 years.

This began as a place to post paintings for my summer project to create A Painting A Day.  I wasnt totally successful in that project but it got me started.  7 September 2009 my Painting a day project ended and I "changed this blogs name from a Painting A Day to Drawings, Paintings, Thoughts- A Creative Dump."  and it became "a place for me to share my art without any constraints." Then 10 January 2010 "I changed the name from A Creative Dump to A Creative Spot.  "Dump" made me think of poop or of trash and my art is not either of those so a name change was needed."And it has been a creative spot ever since that change.

It is really awesome to be able to look back at 2 years of my artistic growth posted right here.  I feel like I have a lot of really great thing going for me and a lot of really awesome things yet to come.  So thank you for reading and watching and hopefully enjoying the art that I post here.  Today's post is for you :)  
High Water at Castaic Lake
watercolor on paper
  9 x 12
 Done en plein air for Landscape Painting.  Today we went to the lake and my husband encouraged me to bring my painting supplies along.  After a great morning of wakeboarding and driving around the lake we docked the boat and I had some time to paint.  I went exploring and found this cool scene.  The water is super high at the lake right now and I found this cool tree growing out of the water.  I used making fluid to mask out the lighter parts in the grass and the bush.  I usually dont use making fluid in my outdoor paintings but I felt this scene would benefit from it and it did :) I bet I looked pretty silly standing on the shore painting in my bikini.    

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