Monday, May 9, 2011

WIP- Whale Tail, Bumper Stickers and Beautification

 Whale Tail WIP
 ~ 12 inches
 For Sculpture 1.  Create a sculpture around your personal mythology.  This piece symbolize where mine and my husbands friendship strengthened and where our romance began.  I decided I didnt want to put a hole in it so I didnt.  This is still a Work in Progress as I need to reattach (again!) part of the tail that broke off.
Soo this personal myth sculpture has been the most difficult project of this class.  The fins have broken 4 times.  The left one broke and I fixed it and then it broke again in a different spot while I was fixing the right side.  I fixed the right side and all seemed well until while I am painting it it breaks again in the same spot.  I used a 5 minute epoxy to fix them.
But there is a silver lining! I love the way I painted this.  I used watered down acrylic and poured each color over the sculpture. My process- Pour a color, let it dry, pour another color, let it dry, take the mixture of those colors and pour again,  repeat steps until all 10 original color mixes have been poured.  It took me at least 3 hours of pouring and waiting, but the final product was totally worth it.
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 Bumper Stickers and Beautification WIP 
oil on canvas
  40 x 30
 For Surrealism, Stylization & Expression.  The final project. Create a surrealist painting.  Soo not what I do. Way out of my comfort zone with this. I have begun to add the actors and I have hated almost every minute of it.  As I told one of my classmates,  I have had such a had time wrapping my head around this.  The other projects have caused me to loosen up but for whatever reason this one has me all wound up.  On the bright side I did get a lot done with this today.  My motto for this piece is "do it so you can be done with it." :)  
My next step is too add words.  I need to wait a few days for it to dry before I can do that though.
I was going to make the sphere to look like the earth but I am kind of liking the way it looks right now.  I may just leave it as it is.  The flower needs a bit more work.
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