Monday, April 25, 2011

Blush Rose, WIP- The Set, Coral

Blush Rose
Oil Mixed Media on Vellum 
  24 x 18
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing.  Same technique that I used on yesterday pieces just on a larger scale.  This piece fought me tooth and nail.  I began by drawing it out in dry pastels and coloring it in oil pastels. Then I came in with turp and blended everything.  It looked washed out so I came in again with the dry pastels to add more color.  Then I decided I wanted the drippy look I had in my exercises so I added more turp.  It was missing something so I came in with a purple nupastel and sketchy outlined the whole thing.  I like it now but it was quite a struggle to bring it here.  Reference.  
 The Set (wip)
oil on canvas
  40 x 30
 For Surrealism, Stylization & Expression.  The final project. Create a surrealist painting.  Soo not what I do. Way out of my comfort zone with this.  The is the setting for my painting the next step is to add the "actors."  I am interested to see where this goes. 
Coral (wip)
plaster carving
approx 10 inches
 For Sculpture 1.  Abstract sculpture in plaster. The larger piece of this maquette. It is slow going here in my studio with this.  I pound and pound and pound and I dont feel like I am making much progress.  I guess I just have to keep with it.  This process certainly give me loads more respect for the Old Masters and their marble sculptures.  Marble is much harder then plaster. 

In other news, to put all of my actors in the same photo for my Surrealism, Stylization & Expression final project I downloaded GIMP (  It is like Photoshop but free. I studied some tutorials to figure out how to do what I wanted to do and then did it.  Very exciting.  I hope to play with this program more.    
 Questions: Have you ever used GIMP or Photoshop?  Do you like surrealist art?

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