Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FINAL- Welcome to Hollywood

Welcome to Hollywood
mixed media on linen
For Mixed Media Painting & Drawing.  My final project.  These were super fun to do.  I began last night with dying papers with Sangria but that was too sticky and I wansnt getting dark enough color.  I then decided to brew a ton of black tea and that worked much better.  My living room was covered in wet paper.  I had the song "Hollywood" by Madonna stuck in my head for some reason as I was dying the paper and my idea for this piece started to form.  I had so much inspiration for this that I didnt want to go to bed but I realized I had to because all of my cool papers needed time to dry.

The first one was actually an accident.  The second one was my original idea but when I went to print it out I was all out of magenta ink and my fancy printer wouldnt let me print in color until I replaced the magenta.  So I printed it out anyway in black and white and used it to experiment with the image transfer technique.  I liked it so much that I decided to incorporate it into my final. 
These are made from- black tea, computer paper, Reeves BFK paper, photo paper image transfer, watercolor, acrylic, blue ink, fire, monotype (it is hard to see but it is there :), linen, and green thread.
I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed making them :)

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