Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orchid, Negative Space Figure Studies, Datsun at Willow WIP

  12 x 9
  watercolor on illustration board
  For Still Life 2.  Point of View.  Seeing it on my computer I feel like there is soo much more I could do to this.  I will probably go back into it and do more. I feel like it is missing something and I just cant figure out what.  I think overall it is too red and not purple enough.  
  Negative Space Figure Studies
  12 x 9
  acrylic on board
  For Quick Studies.  Using the negative space around the figure to create the form.  The 1st 3 are 25 minute studies and the last two are 40 minute.  I find myself overworking the 40 minute studies.  I prefer the fresh feeling of my 25 minute studies.

Datsun at Willow WIP
  16 x 20
  acrylic on canvas
  For Quick Studies.  Creating a larger finished painting. Basic block in done from my sketch.


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