Monday, October 10, 2011

Comy Cozy & Quick Stuies

Comfy Cozy
  12 x 9
  watercolor on illustration board
  For Still Life 2.  An Interior.  I love the warm look of this.  This was so easy to do.  I just let it flow, didnt fight it and I am happy with the result.  
   Quick Studies
   9 x 12
  acrylic on board
For Quick Studies.  All done in under 40 minutes. I struggled through all of these.  It was not a good painting day for me.  I feel like I went on vacation and forgot how to paint.  

 Plein Air Landscape Studies
   9 x 12
  watercolor on paper 
acrylic on board
For Quick Studies.  I struggled through all of these also.  The first two were done while on vacation in Tennessee.  I found it very difficult to paint there as everything was soo green.  There was so much visual stimulation that it was hard for me to concentrate on the main areas.  The last two were done locally.  This was my first time paining plein air with acrylics.  Quite difficult to do.  Oils or watercolor would have been easier.  Oh well, live and learn!


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