Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!, Datsun at Willow, Unusual Lighting Quick Studies

Datsun at Willow
  16 x 20
  acrylic on canvas
  For Quick Studies.  Creating a larger finished painting. Done from my sketch.
 I think it looks good.  I miss the loose quality of the sketch.  Getting the correct proportions on the car was difficult but I think I eventually got it.  I have not done a realistic painting in acrylic in over 3 years so this was a bit of a challenge.  

  Unusual Lighting 
  12 x 9
  acrylic on board
  For Quick Studies.  Figures with unusual lighting.  First three done in 25 minutes last two done in 40 minutes. The lighting was an interesting challenge.  My biggest struggle this week was proportions. 
Happy Halloween!!!
Taken with my iPhone. Processed with Instagram.


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