Monday, October 24, 2011

Orchid 4 Ways

So I have hit my mid semester rut.  I dont know if any of you ever feel this way but about half way through the school semester I get burnt out and become uninspired.  These pieces were quite a struggle for me and I think you can tell.  I need to remember to KISS- keep it simple stupid. 

I did find a very inspiring interactive tour of some of Monet's paintings:
I highly recommend you check it out.  It take awhile to load so be patient.  
Now onto the art-
watercolor on illustration board
From below.  This started out ok.  Things started to get difficult when I began playing with the background and creating soft edges.  I like the way the leaves look. 

watercolor on illustration board
Close up. Probably my best from this series.  I like some of the really deep colors I achieved. I think I got a little bit too fussy with the details and the background needs to be resolved a bit more. 

watercolor & pastel on illustration board
Eye level.  And this is where I got really frustrated.  This started in watercolor and I didnt like how it was coming along soo I decided to pull out my pastels and see what I could do with those.  Its not my favorite piece.  

pastel on illustration board
From above.  At this point I was tired of painting and wanted to try something different.  I really like the cool broken up impressionistic textured look these have.  A different look then what I usually do. May favorite piece? no.  Was it nice to do something different? yes. 

After struggling through these I was done.  I have 5 more paintings due for Quick Studies but I give up.  Stressed out, uninspired, exhausted.  

I did channel this negative energy into a positive and ended up cleaning my studio. Which is HUGE for me.  We moved right before this semester began so I didnt know where anything was.  As I looked for supplies I would just pull things out and not put things away or just pile stuff all over the place. I also had one box left over from the move that need to be unpacked.  Now that is all done :)  
 I love having a clean studio :)


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