Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dancing Skeleton

  Dancing Skeleton WIP
   48 x 36
  acrylic on wood
Finished.  For my my "day job".  We have a Halloween Event every year with candy and prizes and fun.  This is for the trick or treat area for the little kids. Previous step.  I have named him Skelly.  Working on this has been a nice break from my school work.  Reminds me why I love painting. 
Today I added the stars, finished the pumpkins, shaded the bones, added the spider web, and the glow in the dark time.  I also redid the outline around the skeleton.  Unfortunatly I was not able to get a photo in the dark as I have no rooms in my house that are dark enough and I had to drop it off today.  
The weird light circle area is going to be cut out so someone can stick their hand through it to pass out candy. 


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