Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Figure Drawing Workshop

watercolor on paper 
 16 x 12
 Done during Tuesday night Figure Drawing Workshop (FDW).  I have not gone in a few weeks as I have been busy with school and since this week is Spring Break I thought I would go.  Tonight we did a long pose and I didnt feel like lugging my oils out there so I thought I would try to do a figure in watercolor... and I loved it!!   It was really fun to slowly build up the layers in this and the model breaks gave me a chance to step back and plot my next move.  I totally think I will do something like this again.  This reminded me how much I really like working in watercolor.  Here are the works I did at the last FDW I went to.
p.s. I have never done a nude in watercolor much less and nude from life.  Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios posts daily Tips on his Deviant Art account and today's tip was "Strive to do something you've never done before. Get in the habit of constantly exploring new things and ideas." I had this in the back of my mind today when I choose to bring my watercolors instead of my oils.  I am really glad I did.
This the 25 minute prep sketch I did to try out colors and figure out what I was doing :) 

I felt finished with the first piece and I didnt want to overwork it and the group was ready for a new pose so I did this:
 Nude 2
watercolor on paper
9 x 12
Much looser just really having fun and playing with the media and subject.  I started with a semi blind contour drawing and then filled it in with color.  I thought it need a background and then I felt the background needed jazzing up so I added salt.  I am pretty happy with all of these pieces.  I need to go to the FDW more often. 

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