Monday, March 14, 2011

Beautiful Dragon Like Honeybee- wax final, Security?

Beautiful Dragon Like Honeybee- wax final
 ~ 8 inches
 For Sculpture 1.  Wax is done now to send it off to be cast in bronze.  I love the finished look of this. I ended up taking it apart again and redoing the petals really concentrating on varying the forms.
I cant wait to see this in bronze.  I am afraid to ship it though.  There are a lot of extremities. Previous step.

oil on canvas
 24 x 18
 For Surrealism, Stylization & Expression. Create a contemporary still life.  Inspired by when you go to an event or Disneyland when they open your purse/backpack and shine a flash light into it.   I decided to work on canvas this week as I was getting a little tired of working on wood. I did something a little different though, I toned the canvas black! In one of the demos for Still Life Painting 1 the instructor paints on a black canvas and since I saw that demo I have always wanted to try it.  I think the black canvas worked really well for this piece :) As for a title I am thinking "Security?" or "Terrorist?" What do you think?
p.s. Photographing the black is VERY difficult.  I took it outside and different areas of the house trying to get the best photo and it is still a bit off :(

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