Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WIP- Jessica and Baby Evelyn, Gold Rose and Red Wine

Jessica and Baby Evelyn WIP
watercolor on paper
  16 x 20
As a Mother's Day present I was commissioned to do a portrait of our friends wife and baby daughter.  Previous step.  I began working on the skin, darkened the color of the dress, and removed some hard lines around the hair.  I am really liking the progress so far :) 
Gold Rose and Red Wine
oil on canvas
  20 x 16
Way back in 2008 when I took my first painting class (Still Life Painting 1) and first started learning to use oils, I created this piece.  Recently we had a yard sale which gave me the oppertunity to sell some of my not so favorite pieces for cheap.  They were doing me no good just stitting in my house.  I would rather someone actually enjoy them.  Friends of ours actually bought this piece and two others. 
It has been stored for awhile and went through an international move so it needed a little bit of fixing up.  I hit it with a varnish of liquin and burnt unber and I patched up a little line in it that was there from when another painting was laying on it.  I like how the repairs look.  Here is what it looked like before-

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