Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snakes, and Gnats, and Paints, Oh my! Plein Air- Monochromatic Landscape, Oak on Yupo

Monochromatic Landscape
watercolor on paper
  9 x 12
 Done en plein air for Landscape Painting.  My painting day started of interestingly.  I hit the trail totally ready go and conquer a painting or 2.  Then a guy next to a bike stops me and says "Hey they are 2 rattlesnakes mating on the trail." That stopped me in my tracks!  I stopped at watched the snakes and talked with the biker for a good 30 minutes.  Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy nature without having to record it.  
 This painting came easily.  This week we are to focus on the values and not so much the color.  This was so hard for me to do as the mountains are so so beautiful right now. I tried though.  I added the warm colors in the foreground to help give the piece a better felling of the perspective. 
Oak on Yupo
watercolor and water soluble oil sticks on yupo
  12 x 9
 Done en plein air for Landscape Painting.  I began this one because my inability to use color in the first one frustrated me.  I was also being attacked by flies and this painting help me relieve my anger.  The yupo is funny to work on.  It is like painting on plastic.  I began in watercolor but that wasnt working so well so I tried out the sticks.  They worked a bit better but I was limited in my colors.  Not my usual style but fun to do. 

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