Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WIPs- Gelato, Whale Tail; Foggy Clearing, Fail

 Gelato WIP
oil on canvas
  48 x 36
 For Surrealism, Stylization & Expression. 
I made some great progress on this.  It is HUGE!  I have only ever finished one painting is big and that was because it was a commission. I think it needs something more.  Maybe I should another coaster in the background? Bring more of that blue-purple through the painting?

 Whale Tail WIP
 ~ 12 inches
 For Sculpture 1.  Create a sculpture around your personal mythology.  This piece symbolize where mine and my husbands friendship strengthened and where out romance began.  Im worried about the fins and having them hold up.  Hopefully it works.

I also did some more monotypes today but I havent taken pictures of them and I am too tired to.  It has been a long day.  

EDIT:  Adding the images of the monotypes.

Foggy Clearing
Mixed Media on paper
  11 x 15
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing. Done using a subtractive method.  I did not enjoy doing this nearly as much as I did the work from last week. 
Another image from the same plate, not worked into:

watercolor on paper
  11 x 15
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing.This is an embarrassment.  I dont even want to post it.  I would label this "the ugly"  part of being an artist.  All paintings go through an ugly stage and I like to say that as an artist is is my job to bring paintings through the ugly stage.  There is no hope for is one. 
I dont feel like my work this week was as strong this week as last week.  These prints were just fail.  First I chose a hard subject (My dog sitting on a rock), then I decided to try a new thin rice paper.  It printed ok.  When I started working into it is when things got bad.  I forgot that my print is the inverse of my reference so I painted the yellow light on the wrong side.  Then I decided to go in with watercolor pencil and the paper ripped.  At that point I was done and decided I needed to walk away.  I like the rice paper but not for these printing techniques.  I think I will stick to the BFK :)
Here is another image from the same plate:

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