Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oil on Vellum- Sea Star, White Flower

Sea Star
Oil Mixed Media on Vellum 
  18 x 12
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing. A new technique experimenting with using oil based media on vellum.  It was fun to melt the oils with turp because it created a cool drippy texture but I didnt like the lack of overall control.  I may need to experiment with this technique more to see if I may like it better.  Reference.

White Flower
Oil Mixed Media on Vellum 
  18 x 12
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing.  Same as above.  Original title I know.  Naming every piece gets hard.  As I look at it now there is this purple line that I put in to create some background but it is distracting.  I either need to add more lines or get rid of that one. Reference.

So I have officially hit my end of semester slump.  There are 4 weeks left of class and I dont want to do ANY of my work.  These pieces were actually due a week ago and I am just doing them.  Yeah not good.  Motivation has left me.  I need to find it quick because Ive got to get through these next 4 weeks.  Ack!  Wish me luck.  

In other news, I submitted 7 pieces to my schools spring show and 3 to a local galleries juried exhibition.  I have not yet heard back from my school BUT one of my pieces was chosen for the exhibition!!! The theme is "Floral Anthology" and my piece Roses are Red was excepted!  My work is going to be hanging in a gallery for the first time!! And someone may even buy it!  Can you tell I am excited ? :) 

Questions:  How would you name your art work?  What do you do to motivate yourself/ get out of a slump?

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