Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Collographs- Spring, Anaglyph

These are from today and yesterday.  I was too tired to post them last night.
  15 x 11
For Mixed Media Painting and Drawing.  Done by creating a collograph plate and printing from it.  A collograph print is created by attaching found materials to a stiff surface then painting that surface and printing from it. This piece was printed from a plate that contained various plants.   
Here are more prints from this plate and the plate itself- 
"Spring" was created by working back into this print with oil pastels and watercolor. Adding the watercolor was like using crayons and watercolor when I was a kid :) I actually used both of the plates I created to print this image.  One plate is the green the other is the yellow. 
I first painted this with a wash of light green oil paint and then printed the darker green over it. 

11 x 15  
I really like the 3D effect this print has.  Happy accident :) 
Here are more prints from this plate and the plate itself-

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