Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Viva Tequila, Figure Quick Studies, Mugz

Viva Tequila 
watercolor on paper
 12 x 9
For Still Life Painting.  Low-key subject. A tequila bottle and some money. I guess you could say it is a statement about alcohol. 
Here is the underpainting-

 oil on canvas
 For Quick Studies. 25 minute figure studies. I am a bit out of practice with oil but I still think these turned out well. 
 Also for Quick Studies.  These are 40 minute studies. 

water based clay
For Head and Figure Sculpture. Our first assignment was to create a 1:1 mug.  Once with our own technique and one taught by the instructor. This is much harder then it looks. I redid my technique twice.  First I tried to create a coil and that didnt work.  I ended up making a cylinder and then hollowing out the center.  The instructor taught technique was much much easier. 


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