Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Life Quick Studies, Marry Me?

  Still Life Quick Studies-
  Melon and Nanners, Wine and Posies, 
Marry Me?,
  Afternoon Tea, Rose',
 Rosie Posie
   9 x 12
  acrylic on board
For Quick Studies.  All done in under an hour. All of these were done today.  Crazy I know.  It was quite a task to get all of these finished.  Im still doing these in acrylic in a limited palette and enjoying it very much. 

  Marry Me?
 11 x 14
  watercolor on gessoed illustration board
  For Still Life 2.  This was done from an old reference photo.  These are the roses my husband gave me when he asked me to marry him.  In this image they are dried and sitting on the bathroom counter.  I did a quick study using the same reference image above.
I dont really like working on the gesso as I cant really layer my colors very easily.  I find if I use too much water it pulls up the color from underneath.  The surface seems to respond best to thick applications of color.   


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