Monday, September 19, 2011

Tea and Posies, More Quick Figure Studies

Tea and Posies 
watercolor on gessoed illustration board
For Still Life Painting 2. Working on the illustration board was interesting.  It was nice because it was easy to lift out my whites but that also made it difficult to layer my colors.  Getting the background dark and even was very difficult.  I think the texture I ended up creating is nice though.   

 9 x 12
 oil on gessoed board
 For Quick Studies. 25 minute figure studies.  Still feeling rusty. I toned these in a horrible bright green that made it really hard to see the correct colors.  Lesson learned- tone in a neutral color. 

 9 x 12
 oil on gessoed board
Also for Quick Studies.  These are 40 minute studies.


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