Monday, April 2, 2012

Leaf Scans, Resin, CitraSolv

Leaf Scans
5 x 5
For Book Arts.  Create a book inspired by found objects.  It has been windy here lately so when I went on my found object walk I found a lot of leaves.  Originally my idea was to create a gradated color book (green to yellow to red to brown).  When I scanned the leaves the color didnt come through the way I had hoped.  Instead I got these really cool images with a lot of depth. The leaves were very detailed where they touched the scanner and blurry as they moved away from the scanner.  I decided to make an accordion book with these images.

California Golden Poppy 
12 x 9
wood, watercolor, venetian plaster, image transfer, gold leaf, antique solution, gold metal paint, matte medium & resin
For Mixed Media.  I took my Golden Poppy piece from last week and decided to pour resin on it.  It makes the piece feel more important.  I was surprised at how easy the resin was to use.  I think I am going to have to use it more often.
These pages were created by spraying a National Geographic Magazine with CitraSolv cleaning solution. I used editions from both the 70's and 2008.  The pages on the left are from the 70s and the pages on the right are from 2008.  I like the results better from the 2008 ones as I feel the inks are more vibrant and gave cooler patterns.  I plan on using these pages (and making more) to create a large scale flower piece. Stay tuned for updates :) 


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