Monday, March 26, 2012

California Golden Poppy, Me Book

California Golden Poppy 
12 x 9
wood, watercolor, venetian plaster, image transfer, gold leaf, antique solution, gold metal paint, matte medium
For Mixed Media.  Experiment with multiple media.  Playing off of the name of California's state flower, the golden poppy.  I thought it would be interesting to make the golden flowers gold.        

Me Book
2 x 3
card stock, screw, nut & bolt
For Book Arts.  Create a book in sequence inspired by past present and future.  Each page has a number 87-24 and in years where something important happened there is a word- 87 birth, 01 high school, 09 move to California, 12 present, etc.  This book can be read in the round, as seen above, or as a flip book, as seen in the video below.     

My book in action.  I recommend you mute the video as my camera picks up sound easily and my breathing is oddly loud.


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