Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sky on Fire, Ferris Wheel, Lamppost, Pacific Coast WIP

Sky on Fire
watercolor on paper
  9 x 12
For Landscape Painting. Free choice.  I was so horribly uninspired for this assignment.  Between school and work and finding out we have to move I have lost my creative drive.  I am soo stressed out it is hard to create art.  I had to make myself sit down and push through these assignments.  
I ended up using some of my personal reference for this instead of painting from life.  There is nothing from life I feel like painting right now.
Overall I like how this turned out.  Clouds are a hard subject.  I would like to practice them more.  

Ferris Wheel
watercolor on paper
  12 x 9
For Landscape Painting.  Free choice.  This didnt turn out as I imagined it but that is ok.  I wanted it to look a bit more abstract.  Also done from a reference.  I did this while working at the skatepark which was a challenge in itself. 

watercolor on paper
  12 x 9
For Landscape Painting. Nocturne- painting at night.  Not my favorite way to paint.  All the values looked good outside, I brought it inside and they all looked wrong.  Im not very happy with this.  Probably the most difficult assignment this semester and I still have 1 more I need to do. 

Pacific Coast  WIP
watercolor on paper
  22 x 24
For Landscape Painting. Final work in progress.  Just cover the paper with paint.  Im not nearly as far along with this as I would like to be.  I have a day off on Friday so hopefully I will be able to dedicate a good amount of time to this.


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