Friday, August 5, 2011

Pacific Coast WIP, Future Site of Another Camarillo High School

Pacific Coast  WIP
watercolor on paper
  22 x 24
For Landscape Painting. Final work in progress. Previous step.  Much better.  I worked a lot on the ocean and the mountains.  I still need to do a little bit more in the ocean, concentrate on the wave, and finish the sand.  Im really liking the way this is going :) 

Future Site of Another Camarillo High School
watercolor on paper
  9 x 12
For Landscape Painting.  Paint a location that is going to be developed.  This beautiful field is the future site of another high school. This was difficult to do as it was at sunset at the beautiful highlights that were on the mountains when I started were long gone by the time I finished.

Night Tree
watercolor on paper
  12 x 9
For Landscape Painting. Another nocturne. School is about learning and I have learned that I do not like painting at night. I think it is silly.  I painted this underneath a street lamp so the colors were very different when I brought it inside.  The image below is what it looks like under the streetlamp light.  


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