Monday, January 10, 2011


Since I am not in class right now and so not creating art as regularly I thought I would share some of my favorite sketchbook sketches.  

  Dwarf Bunnies
pen and white colored pencil on paper
5 x 7 
Done when I first decided to draw daily by following #DrawDaily's prompts.  The prompt for this day was "dwarf"

Hand Study
pen on paper
5 x 7 
Also done during my first attempt to draw daily.  They were a little slow on the prompts this week so I made up my own :) 
Birthday Cake 
pen on paper
5 x 7 
My attempt at following #DrawDaily's prompts failed after just 2 weeks.  Mid August I decided that I would try again.  
 My friend was in the hospital and I was watching her 5 year old daughter.  To entertain her I brought my sketchbook, we played tic-tac-toe, and took turns drawing.  Her being the naturally curious child she was wanted to see what else I had in my sketchbook.  As she was going through it she asked me why I had so many blank pages.  I didnt have a good answer.  I thought about this question for a few weeks and decided I would try to fill my sketchbook. 
One of my fears is forgetting my memories so I decided on one page I would write a simple schedule of what I did that day and on the facing page a sketch of something that happened during that day. 
This sketch was done during the first few weeks on my birthday.  My sisters made me a cake and filled the cake with no blow out candles.  We thought it was going to catch fire.  It had us all laughing uncontrollably.  It was a good birthday. 

So at this point you maybe thinking "Hey August was 5 months ago, and we are just hearing about this now!"  Yes it is true.  I have not posted about my daily sketch journal on my blog.  It took me a couple of months just to tell any of my friends.  I was afraid if I told people what I was doing I would stop doing it.  I wanted to make my sketching a habit before I shared it with the world.  
Recently I updated the look of my blog and was thinking about the name: "Drawings, Paintings, Thoughts".  I realized I have a lot of paintings and not so may thoughts and drawings.  The best way for me to remedy this is for me to open up my daily sketch journal and share my drawings with you. 
For the rest of January on Mondays I will be posting sketches from my sketch journal so stay tuned. 

If you have read this whole thing then I am impressed and you deserve a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup:

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