Thursday, January 13, 2011

Azores Seascape

  Azores Seascape
oil on canvas board
8 x 10
Done in Lynn Gertenbach's art class.  I didnt know what I wanted to paint today so I brought 2 reference photos.  A moonrise and waves crashing on rocks.  Lynn liked the colors in the water in the waves so that is what I went with.  We changed it a bunch from the reference but I think it still reads as the Azores.  Painting this was a nice departure for me. 1) I think this is the smallest I have ever worked.  I think I like it though.  There is something sweet about the smaller size. 2) I did the second half of this using a palette knife.  I havent used a palette knife for painting since high school, approx 7 years.  I will try and take a better picture tomorrow.

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