Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketches- Week 2

 Mouse Poop... Eww
pen on paper
5 x 7 
More from my daily sketch journal (the rest of the sketches I post will be from my daily sketch journal).  This was done on a day when I was cleaning out a shed and dealt with a significant amount of mouse droppings.  For some reason I really like this drawing.  I think it is the composition and the simplicity of it.

  My Icky Feeling Tummy 
pen on paper
5 x 7 
My first sort of foray into illustration/ character design.  I usually dont create this sort of art so this was fun and different for me.  My stomach was not feeling very well this day and I wanted to illustrate what my tummy would look like.  I think it is a pretty successful rendition of an upset tummy.    

  Tide Pools 
pen on paper
5 x 7 
On this day one of my best friends and I went to the tide pools something I havent really done since I was a kid.  I was awesome.  We saw crabs, and starfish, and sea urchins, and little weird wormy things.  It was for sure a fun day.  If you have not been to tide pools in a awhile I highly recommend you go. Seeing sea life is super awesome. 

You may have noticed all of my sketches are in pen.  I like to use pen for these daily sketches because it challenges me.  It forces me to commit to my marks before I make them.  No erasing.  It also helps me to be more confident in my sketching abilities. 

More sketches to come next week and then it is back to school :)

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