Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer is Over :(

So summer is officially over I am back to school.  
I have changed this blogs name from a Painting A Day to Drawings, Paintings, Thoughts- A Creative Dump. 
This will now be a place for me to share my art without any constraints. 
I am taking a creative writing course and 2 art history courses this semester so you will probably be reading some of my writings too.
Now for your viewing pleasure some sketches I have done in the past few days.
Title: Doorknob
Medium: Pen on Paper
Inspiration: Sitting on the couch, sketchbook in my lap, I wanted to draw something.  This was the prettiest thing in my line of sight. Partially done in the dark as the sun was setting while I was drawing and I didnt want to move to turn the light on. 
Title: Resting Backie Dog
Medium: Pen on Paper
Inspiration: Again sitting on the couch, my dog was laying there sleeping looking so cute I had to grab my sketchbook and draw her.  This is how far I got before she moved.  I tried to draw my Pomeranian but she has some 6th sense that whenever I look at her she knows and so doesnt sit still. 

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