Monday, June 1, 2009

Days 14, 15, &16- More Excuses & Actual Painting!

Day 16
Title: Purple Hydrangea WIP

Medium: Oils on stretched Canvas
Size: 19.5x23.5
Inspiration: The beautiful hydrangeas the cover this island that are starting to bloom. This will end up being an oil painting that will be a gift for a friend. I am into the beginning lay in stage where the goal is just to cover the whole canvas in color. I probably could have began this differently by simplifying the colors more. I am a bit overwhelmed by how many colors there are but you live and you learn and I will keep that in mind for tomorrow.

Day 15
No good excuse. I was tired, lazy, uninspired. Day of rest?

Day 14
My husband invited me to his volleyball game/ tournament at 10am. Little did we know it was going to last until 8pm. So I spent all day at the gym. If I had known I was going to be there all day I would have brought a paint brush and some paint with me. So there was no painting on Saturday.

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