Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sketchbook Poetry

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Last night I was lying in bed trying but failing to fall asleep when the most amazing thing happened.  
The first few lines to a poem popped into my head.  
Mind you, this hasnt happened in years and I mean years so I had to jump out of bed, find my sketchbook and a pen, and write it down.  
Once I was writing it all just kept flowing out.  
Here are the poems in the order I wrote them.
They are still rough and probably have a lot to be worked out. 
Before 23
Were you at all like me 
Before you turned 23?
Did your help you Mom through cancer
making you become stronger then you thought you would ever be?

Did you move across the country
When you were just 18
And begin a new life
In a place like you had never seen?

Did you find true love
and end up getting married
to the one you knew you would be with
until you were buried?

Did you move to an island
In the middle of the ocean blue 
Where everything you experienced
Was absolutely brand new?

Did you fly on a KC-10, KC-135, C-5
and get to watch in flight refueling
or get to sit in the cockpit
for a landing?

Did you travel to Germany,
Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy, and Spain
and even to England
with only 4 days notice to get on a plane?

Did you think you knew all of life's answers?
Like who and what you wanted to be.
Were you at all like me
before you turned 23?
Inspiration:  I know this poem sounds a bit like bragging but it is more meant to be a reminder to me about all I have accomplished.  I just turned 22 and I was not to excited about 22 at all.  I was telling my husband this and he reminded me to think about what I have done before I turned 22.  That made getting older not feel so bad.
builds up
boils over
until it can
be contained
no more
spills out
releases itself
from the confines
we create
to tame it
when it 
is let out
Inspiration:  I wanted to describe how it felt when creativity hits. 
A Visit
A quiet night
all alone, every-being is asleep
the rain falls down
the wind pushed through the trees
I lay down to rest
close my eyes
my head is filled with
then it strikes
the perfect few lines
I must find paper and
pen quick
to make sure
these great ideas stick
Creativity has struck again
welcome back dear old friend
Inspiration: I wrote this to describe exactly what happened to get me out of bed at 1AM. 
Even after I had these all out of me I still couldnt sleep. 
I feels really cool to have some inspiration and creativity back.  
I strove all summer to feel creative and it randomly hits at 1AM.


  1. Hey, my names Ben. Thats a really great couple of lines and drawings. I just found this, but from the looks its good. i was wondering if you minded if i posted on of your poems in my "Poem of the month" I just started it in the last month. Keep up the great work and check out http://silenceofexpression.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance...Have a good one!

  2. Go ahead. Thank you. Just make sure to credit me as the author.



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