Monday, February 20, 2012

Textures Book, Paste Paper

Paste Papers 
11 x 15
flour paste and acrylic on Reeves BFK
For Book Arts.  Use flour to create a paste to make a glue to create covers for future projects.  My paste was super lumpy so I found this project to be a bit difficult. I do like some of the affects I got though.  

Book of Textures
9 x 4
wood, twine, metal paint, modge podge, crackle paint, metal, acrylic
For Book Arts. Make a book without paper. To make my book I used scrap pieces of wood, decorative metal, dyed twine, metal paint, patina solution, glitter, glue, acrylic paint, & crackle paste.  It is an exploration in texture.  A book without words.  

Exploring Textures 
various sizes
wood, metal paint, crackle paint, metal, acrylic
I love when my classes inspire each other. I used the techniques in Mixed Media to inspire the book for my Book Arts class.  To create the first pieces, I taped the decorative metal onto wood and painted with metal paint and patina to create covers for my books. The second one is blue acrylic paint, crackle paste, & bronze metal paint on wood. 

watercolor on Reeves BFK
For Mixed Media, Creating surfaces and experimenting with watercolor, salt, alcohol &soap.


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