Monday, February 13, 2012

Plaster, The Pauper & The Knight

mixed media joint compound on wood

For Mixed Media 2  In one I embedded a piece of yarn and in the other I dripped in watercolor while the joint compound was wet.  
The quote reads "The Quesion of life is 'Why?' The answer, "Why not?" I used  watercolor, tea, ink, sanguine, and white charcoal.
The flower is watercolor, and colored pencils.  
 This is what they looked like after the plaster was dry and before I worked into them:


 The Pauper and The Kinght
8.5 x 5.5
 handmade book
For Book Arts. We had to create a book based on 5 random words. To find my 5 words I opened my dictionary, closed my eyes, and went with where my finger landed.  
My 5 words are
- purloin
- head
- coat of arms
- ultimatum
- partway
These words inspired me to write a story and illustrate it.  Fine art is my specialty so illustrating the book was a bit difficult. 
The story is about a pauper who wants to be a knight and decides to steal a coat of arms. 

 Below are some models I made to practice different binding techniques. 


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