Monday, December 19, 2011

Fall 2011 Review

First off, I must say, I am proud of myself.  This was not an easy semester.  4 classes, 3 of them studio classes.  I haven't done that wacky of a schedule in years.  Thankfully, I made it through though with only a few bumps.  This semester I created a business plan, 4 figure sculptures, and over 100 paintings.  That is a lot of work in 15 weeks.     

Another semester down, 3 more classes to go.  I am soo excited to be so close to finishing my BFA.  I have 1 required course and 2 of my choice to take next semester and I dont know what too choose.  I am kind of thinking Mixed Media 2, Monotype, Relief Printing, Painting Concepts, Abstract Painting, or Studio Landscape. Too many choices.  Right now I am leaning toward Mixed Media 2, and Relief Printing.  We will see what I end up choosing after I talk to my adviser and have my portfolio review.  

I am really into printmaking right now because that is what I am going to be doing for my Christmas presents this year.  Every year I like to make my gifts.  I have done candle holders, ornaments, candles, and you might remember my Winter Bird paintings from last year.   This year I am not going to go as crazy and give everyone an original painting. No, this year i will be creating prints.  I dont want to go into detail but I promise I will post them after Christmas.  I am quite excited about them and will probably sell a few in my shop.  
I hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, peaceful holiday season. 


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