Monday, December 6, 2010

WIP- Bubbles, Draped Reclining Nude, Popo & Poppy, Skatepark

Bubbles (wip)
oil on canvas
 18 x14
For Head Painting. Im having fun with this one.  I love all of the colors. Reference. 

Draped Reclining Nude (wip)
oil on canvas
 18 x 24
For Clothed Figure Painting.  From my personal reference files.  Softened out the skin tone and adjusted the background.  Im having issues with the face though.  I tried putting it in, hated it, and wiped it out.
Any tips?  That is still the biggest struggle for me. Tiny faces.  I think I get too caught up in the details.  Previous step.

Popo & Poppy (wip)
oil on canvas
 20 x 16
For Head Painting. My husband's grandparents.  Basic lay in, lights and darks.  The colors choices have to do with their races.  She is Chinese, he is Japanese.  I dressed her in red because that is a color of luck in Chinese culture.  I did the background green because it has positive meaning in both cultures.  I may do a glaze of a darker brown over the background to give it a bit more depth.

Skatepark (wip)
oil on canvas
 16 x 20
For Clothed Figure Painting. 
Super loose with this.  I enjoyed doing it :)
Not sure I like the background.  I think it needs more. Reference from my personal stash.

2 weeks left of school!! Im so ready to be done.
Im excited for the projects I am going to do during winter break since I will have time.  I want to get my creative juices flowing again.  For my brother in law I am going to do a giant (like 3ft x 5ft) painting of a wild fire because he is a wild land fire fighter.  It is his Christmas/ birthday present.  For Christmas gifts for our friends and family I think I am going to do little 8 x 10 watercolor paintings.  Something simple like winter birds.  We will see if I have time to get all of this done.  I hope so.

On a totally unrelated note, I have discovered Pandora and I love it.  It is great to have on while I am up to my ears in paintings.  Today I have been listening to Colbie Caillat Radio.  Great songs :)

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