Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bubbles, WIP- Storytime, Skatepark

oil on canvas
 18 x14
For Head Painting. Probably my favorite painting of the semester.  I love the colors. I love the bubbles. I love everything about this piece.  Reference. 
Storytime (wip)
oil on canvas
 20 x 16
For Composition and Painting. Using multiple references. I fixed some areas in the background and worked a bit one the girls.  I am really afraid of messing up the left girls face... The next step is to refine the girls and the background, and add some toys! Previous step.
Skatepark (wip)
oil on canvas
 16 x 20
For Clothed Figure Painting. I didnt do too much to this. I just worked on refining the figure and the foreground a bit.  My instructor remarked that she liked the loose background and that all I need to do was refine in foreground.  We will see if I like it when I put more time into it.  Previous step.
 This week is Finals week.  I have 1 painting (Storytime) due Wednesday and 3 paintings due Friday (Poppy& Popo, Skatepark, and Draped Reclining Nude).  So much to do.  So little time. I am excited to be done with this semester.  It will be one less thing on my plate, at least for a few months. 
I have found the 6 bird refs I am going to use for my Christmas present paintings.  I am excited to get these started as I have like 25 to do and Christmas is next week.  Yeah, I'm going to be painting like mad.  So lots more work to come from me in the next few weeks.  Stay posted.

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