Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adam and Newspaper

Title: Adam
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 16 x 20
Inspiration: For my figure painting class.  My second oil portrait. It is my husband. I have done many portraits of him and this was the first one that he actually cared about. It is also the first painting I have done of him. Usually he just lets me be but for this one he kept coming in and telling me I was making him look fat or that a line was off. It was weird to have him show so much interest. He hasnt seen it finished so I hope he likes it. I sure am proud of it. I feel like I really captured him lol. 

Title: Weekend News
Medium: Recycled Materials- Newspaper, Cardboard, Glittery Modge Podge
Size: approx 8in x 24in 
Inspiration: You could also call this "Pretty Trash". I joined a collage group on and wanted to do something so submit.  It was lightly inspired by this.  I may do another one like this maybe of just head lines...

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