Tuesday, March 27, 2012


27 x 24
butcher paper, charcoal, watercolor, ink, wood, metal tape, iron metal paint, patina solution
For Mixed Media.  Project 2.  Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.  The background is the entire poem. I began with a charcoal drawing on butcher paper.  I then added the poem, blue watercolor, and white pastel.  I didn't like the way that looked or how flimsy the butcher paper was so I decided to attach it to something solid.  I used metal tape to attach 6 wood boards together and then attached the paper using the metal tape. I then went over the raven with iron metal paint, added paint to the edges, and added drips.  Lastly I added patina solution to age the metal paint.  
Below are some WIP images. 

Here is an image transfer study I did for Nevermore. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

California Golden Poppy, Me Book

California Golden Poppy 
12 x 9
wood, watercolor, venetian plaster, image transfer, gold leaf, antique solution, gold metal paint, matte medium
For Mixed Media.  Experiment with multiple media.  Playing off of the name of California's state flower, the golden poppy.  I thought it would be interesting to make the golden flowers gold.        

Me Book
2 x 3
card stock, screw, nut & bolt
For Book Arts.  Create a book in sequence inspired by past present and future.  Each page has a number 87-24 and in years where something important happened there is a word- 87 birth, 01 high school, 09 move to California, 12 present, etc.  This book can be read in the round, as seen above, or as a flip book, as seen in the video below.     

My book in action.  I recommend you mute the video as my camera picks up sound easily and my breathing is oddly loud.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Live Laugh Love, Metal Blots, Hidden Book

Live Laugh Love & Metal Blots 
12 x 9
wood, letters, metal tape, black metal paint & metal paint on flashing with patina solution
For Mixed Media. Experiment with metal techniques. In Live Laugh Love I adhereed metal tape over letters then used darker metal paint to add some depth. In Metal Blots I placed metal paint on the flashing pressed the pieces together and then added various patinas.  

Hidden Book
9 x 7
altered book
For Book Arts.  Take a book and make something new from it.  I have always thought false books are cool. Books that look like books but actually hold treasures.  I also wanted a cool case for my iPad.  I went to a local used book store and bought a book for $2.  I made a template, cut out all of the pages, and then glued them all together.  Quite a bit of work.  I love the way it looks though. A cool/ safe way to carry around my iPad :)  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Encaustic, A Dreamless Sleep

12 x 9
wax, wood, image transfer, watercolor, yarn, acrylic, pastel  
For Mixed Media.  Experiment with encaustics. Very fun to do if you never have.  Playing with different ways to use encaustics.  

A Dreamless Sleep 
8.5 x 4.5 
decorative paper, davy board, PVA, waxed linen thread, blank & lined paper
For Book Arts.  Midterm. A compilation of letters written to my grandfather in the week after his unexpected death. The letters bring the reader through the stages of grief. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Image Transfers

Image Transfers 
12 x 9
wood, image transfer, watercolor, charcoal, ink pen, gouache 
For Mixed Media.  Experiment with image transfer techniques. 


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