Monday, May 28, 2012


 I did it!  
I stuck it out, I saw it through, I finished college and graduated with a BFA in Fine Art! 
I was a long morning but a fun one.  Having done my degree 100% online I felt a little lonely at times, but the energy in the room was so exciting it was easy for me to find people to talk to.  
The ceremony lasted about 2 hours.  I was so nervous and excited I was shaking! I made it across the stage and down the stairs without tripping thankfully. 
Sitting in the crowd.  Can you find me?  Hint: I have a decorated cap on :)
Outside the arena, after the ceremony
My family and me

So what now?

 That is the question, isnt it?  
The question every college graduate dreads.  
You spent x amount of years on your degree so what are you going to do now?  
My short term goals: 
I plan to work on commissions, 
build my business, 
and grow my portfolio. 
I want to be represented by at least one gallery in the next year. 
There is also a local co-op gallery I want to join and start volunteering at.

I am excited for my future and the good things that it holds :) 

Graduation Cap
9 x 9
acrylic on 100% polyester 
Painted for my graduation.  I figured 1) I am graduating from art school so why wouldnt I paint my hat and 2) I wanted to stand out in the crowd from the other 1,000 graduates who would all be in black caps and gowns.  My family said it was very helpful when they were trying to find me :)


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