Thursday, March 11, 2010

Painting I Want To Do

- Complete the PCH series: Sunrise and Sunset
     View this post for more info on this series 
- Complete the Cherries painting I began 3 years ago and do the companion painting Life's the Pits
     I have had this idea for a few years now.  It is based off of a photo taken on my wedding day of a bowl of cherries.  It is of large size.  I want to do a smaller painting of cherry pits 
- Complete the Peacock painting
     I just want to get this one finished.  To see where it is now click here. 
- Paint my kitty Indigo
     I have a bunch of great reference photos of my kitty and I really really want to turn one of them into a painting
- Paint the Winter Doves
     Around Christmas I took a cool picture of two doves sitting on a branch at my mom's house and I would like to paint them. 
- Paint the still life Hydrangeas and Coasters
     I was going through my husband's camera the other day and found some really cool reference photos I took awhile ago and I want to paint one of them like large scale. 

So much to paint so little time! 

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