Sunday, January 10, 2010


Title: Flamingo

Medium: Pastel on Brown Packing Paper  
Size: approx. 30x17
Inspiration: I went to the zoo this week with my best friend and did a quick sketch of a flamingo.  When deciding what to do with the sketch I thought it would be cool to draw the flamingo balancing on a ball, and then though what if the ball was in a kiddy pool filled with water.  Thus you get what you see above.  I used pastel because the same friend who went with me to the zoo was cleaning out her apartment and had these pastels she didn't want so I took them.  I haven't used pastels since 2002 in high school art class.  I think I like using them.  They blend really nicely.   

School begins soon.  I am excited but it is going to be stressful.  We still haven't found the perfect house so I am going to be setting up my art studio in the basement that we are currently living in.  It should be interesting.  Wish me luck.   

p.s.  I changed the name from A Creative Dump to A Creative Spot.  "Dump" made me think of poop or of trash and my art is not either of those so a name change was needed.  

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